Chipper: Featured Chimpanzee Artist of the Day! #ApesthatPaint

Chipper was wild-born in Africa, illegally poached, sold first to a New York animal dealer, and then to a circus trainer when he was only two years old.  Along with Butch, Chipper spent ten years in the Ringling Brothers circus and then was sent to the Coulston bio-medical research lab in New Mexico when his trainer died.  After Chipper left the lab in 1985, he was sent to a small roadside zoo for retired performing circus animals in North Florida.  While there, Chipper and another chimpanzee gained some notoriety on television when they escaped, ran out onto the Interstate with a gallon of honey, and sat on the road eating their stolen treat.  After they finished the honey, they ran into a neighbor’s barn, took the cap off a tractor’s gas tank, poured kitty litter into the gas tank, then replaced the cap; then they opened the crankcase, poured in more kitty litter and put that cap back on!

Chipper arrived at the sanctuary in September 2000 with his long-time companion, Butch.  Chipper is tall and slim and can easily climb all the structures in his habitat.  His athletic abilities are evident as he plays in the swings and vines in his outside area.

Chipper’s friends and companions at the Center have been Butch, Roger, Daisy, and Angel.  Today Chipper spends most of his time with younger female Natsu.  By far, she is the most compatible with Chipper, and they play chase, tickle, and groom together most of the day.

When Chipper is out in the Walk-About Chutes, he gallops at top speed throughout the woods trying to get a game of chase going with staff and volunteers.  Chipper always wins!

Frames USA is hosting a Charity Art show featuring the artwork of the apes at the Center for Great Apes. Opening night is Friday, July 21, 2017, at 6 pm food and drinks provided by Carolina Ale House: RSVP

Come to the show and check out Chipper’s artwork!

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Bella started her life working in Hollywood and was in the movie Jennie when she was still an infant.  She was worked in various TV shows and advertisement, including the original campaign for CareerBuilders, an employment company, seen during the SuperBowl in 2004.

Bella arrived at the Center for Great Apes in 2005 with a group of other Hollywood chimpanzees (including her older sister, Maggie, and her younger brother, Mowgli) who were retired from the movie and TV business.  Today at the sanctuary, Bella’s constant companions are Maggie, Ellie, Angel, twins Jonah and Jacob, and often the youngster Stryker.  She particularly likes playing with the twins and frequently tries to get tickle sessions or games of “chase” going with Jonah.

The ever-inventive Bella makes up games that usually involve playing with water.  After digging a hole in the sand, she fills a cup with water repeatedly and dumps each cupful into the hole, producing a giant wet sandpit that she then splashes around in.  She also loves running through sprinklers when they are set up outside her habitat.

When Bella first arrived at the sanctuary at the age of 7, she was in a group with Jessie and her infant, Bobby Stryker.  Bella loved to babysit for Jessie’s baby and would carry him all over the habitat swinging him around even when he was just a few months old!  If Jessie got anxious about it, Bella would always carry the baby back to her.  Now that Stryker is an adolescent, he roughhouses wand plays frequently with Bella.

Bella is very smart and seems to enjoy challenges.  During routine health checks, she has learned to present hands and feet for inspections, arms, and legs for injections, ears for temperature readings, and she helpfully shows the caregivers her teeth.

Frames USA is hosting a Charity Art show featuring the artwork of the apes at the Center for Great Apes. Opening night is Friday, July 21, 2017, at 6 pm food and drinks provided by Carolina Ale House: RSVP

Come to the show and check out Bella’s artwork!

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2017 Walk for the Animals

On Saturday March 4th , 2017,  Frames USA took part of the Walk for the Animals event benefiting the Humane Society of Greater Miami area.  There were many different companies who came to support the Humane Society and had some very interesting and fun booths.  There was an obstacle course where pooches chased a mechanical lure, over  obstacles, through tunnels:  great exercise for the pooches and so much fun for everyone watching.

The Humane Society also brought some of the animals they have up for adoption.  Early that morning as I was chatting with several people a different booths, I witnessed one of the members representing Truly Nolan was one of the first people to adopt a beautiful American Bulldog puppy:  This was a wonderful moment for both the pooch and the new owner.  This event was fun and we are proud to be one of the sponsor for such a great and important cause.

There are still many animals at the Humane Society available for adoption.  For more information we encourage you to check out their website at:

The staff at Frames  want to thank all of the people who attended the event, specially all for those who stopped by our booth and said hello.  We are now in the process of organizing the videos that we took and we will be posting them soon.  Keep an eye out for them.  We also have an amazing deal that every pet lover must take advantage off.  Visit our website to get more details and order.


Display and Protect your Memories


Framed Football Photo Collage

Today we are here to talk about memories and how do we preserve them. Picture framing is a great idea to hold on and memorialize those moments in our life that are worth looking at over and over again. Our memories are the only thing we have when we look at the past. For us to recall those moments we see the moment in our mind, or hopefully, if it was something special, we take a picture so we can remember it. Whether it was that fishing trip where your grandson caught his first largemouth bass, or whether it was when the whole family finally got together for Thanksgiving, here at Frames USA our goal is to make your memories special and give you all the selections and choices you need to make your framing decision. Selection, price, and a good value. We are here to make your memories appear on your walls exactly how they should look. Timeless. So if it’s wedding pictures, Quinceañera pictures, kid’s graduation pictures, or any pictures of your pet, your family…your memories. At Frames USA, that is what we are here for, framing your memories – you name it, we’ll frame it.

So don’t let your memories go to waste and float away to the wayside to be forgotten forever. So many things happen in our life it’s hard to remember to take pictures of your special moments so we don’t forget them. These special moments only come once and our memory isn’t perfect, so for those special moments, always bring a camera. Don’t forget, come to us at Frames USA after you captured that special moment. We will be happy to assist you in framing your memories.

Ad Featured in Hola Latinos Magazine

Frames USA wants to give a shout out to Hola Latinos Magazine.  We also wanted to inform everyone that you can find our ad in the Magazine’s December 2016 on page 82.  We encourage everyone to pick up a copy of the magazine.

Photo Framing at Frames USA

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