Display and Protect your Memories


Framed Football Photo Collage

Today we are here to talk about memories and how do we preserve them. Picture framing is a great idea to hold on and memorialize those moments in our life that are worth looking at over and over again. Our memories are the only thing we have when we look at the past. For us to recall those moments we see the moment in our mind, or hopefully, if it was something special, we take a picture so we can remember it. Whether it was that fishing trip where your grandson caught his first largemouth bass, or whether it was when the whole family finally got together for Thanksgiving, here at Frames USA our goal is to make your memories special and give you all the selections and choices you need to make your framing decision. Selection, price, and a good value. We are here to make your memories appear on your walls exactly how they should look. Timeless. So if it’s wedding pictures, Quinceañera pictures, kid’s graduation pictures, or any pictures of your pet, your family…your memories. At Frames USA, that is what we are here for, framing your memories – you name it, we’ll frame it.

So don’t let your memories go to waste and float away to the wayside to be forgotten forever. So many things happen in our life it’s hard to remember to take pictures of your special moments so we don’t forget them. These special moments only come once and our memory isn’t perfect, so for those special moments, always bring a camera. Don’t forget, come to us at Frames USA after you captured that special moment. We will be happy to assist you in framing your memories.


Happy Birthday Frames USA & Art Gallery

Join the Fun in the Month of November:

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Frames USA & Art Gallery is celebrating it’s 20th year serving the people of Miami.  Beginning on November 1st, 2014 there will be different weekly events that will be free to the public.  Along with the events individuals will have a chance to take advantage of great deals.

Throughout the month, Frames USA will have special guests, workshops, art shows and contests.  All activities are for all ages and there is no fee to participate.  For any updates on the upcoming events, special guests and times of each event visit the website at www.framesusamiami.com/forms—events-1.html.  

To check out the deals click: www.framesusamiami.com/coupons.html .  The staff at Frames USA is available to give information and to help you with any questions that you may have.  They also encourage reviews: www.framesusamiami.com/reviews.html

Join the Fun at Frames USA & Art Gallery:

info@framesusamiami.com  305-666-3355

6822 SW 40th Street (Bird RD), Miami, FL 33155

Thank you

Thank you!

Photography Image

On behalf of Adam Brand and the entire Frames USA Team we would like to send our thanks for all of the photographers that attended the dinner that we held on April 10, 2014.  During the dinner we had the opportunity to share the new programs that we have created for photographers.  In summary the attendees learned about four specific programs that we launched this April:

  • Featured Photographer Page:  The page will contain a photographer’s bio, full contact information and samples of their work.  The page will be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to be found on Google, and other major search engines.  It will also be promoted through social media and other events.  The page will be active for a full week and will contain links to their own website so visitors can connect directly.  This program is absolutely free to participate.
  • Directory Listing:  Frames USA website features a directory page of different vendors and individuals in the Miami area.  The listing is worth $120 per year, but first month is FREE.  The listing includes:
    • Name
    • Contact name
    • Website (link)
    • Email (link)
    • Phone
    • Physical Address
    • Highlights or Specialty
    • Photo or Logo (optional)
  • Spring into the Arts:  Starting May 2014, Frames USA & Art Gallery will be hosting a sidewalk judged photo and art show.  This event is free to participate.  Bring your artwork or photographs, win prizes and have a wonderful time.  The event will be held every Saturday from 1 PM to 5 PM.
  • Gallery Wall Space:  Starting at just $99 artists and photographers can rent the gallery wall space for a period of one month.  Frames USA will promote the exhibit and will hold an opening night.

You can find the events at www.framesusamiami.com/events—forms.html These great events have been launched and we welcome anyone that would like to take advantage of them.  For more information please call 305-666-3355 or email Ginna at ginna@framesusamiami.com

Photographer Dinner


Attention Photographers:
You are invited to dinner at El Novillo restaurant, at NO cost to you. The dinner will be held on April 10th 2014 at 7:30 pm. Only photographers that send us and RSVP will be able to attend. Limited space so please send us your RSVP to ginna@framesusamiami.com. Or visit our website http://framesusamiami.com/community.html




Frames USA & Gallery will be hosting a ONE WEEK exhibit running daily. The theme to the exhibit is “Oceans.” All entries must be frame and may not exceed 30”X30” and include the hanging hardware. There is a $25 entry fee (artist keeps 100% of your sale) and you must include the FILLED MANDATORY consignment agreement. You can find it at http://www.framesusamiami.com/artishunters.html. The deadline to enter is March 6th 2014 and opening night is March 13th 2014.


We are happy to help with all of your framing needs. Please contact us if you have any questions or need anything else .  

Call  305-666-3355

Photogrphers          Photographer Hunt

Frames USA & Gallery Supports Local Talent!

Since 1994 Frames USA & Gallery  have served the Miami area offering services such as:  glass repair for frames, picture framing, broken frame repairs or replacement.  We want to be the picture frame store  for you.   Anything you bring we can frame!  From photos to diplomas, sports jerseys to art…You Name It…We frame it.

As a local business we understand the importance of supporting our local talent.  Our location offers a gallery space where we can showcase our local artists, photographers, interior designers, architects, art teachers.  We also offer our professional skills and experience;  we have over 800 frames styles, matting, moulding, shadow boxes, we frame anything you bring us at very competitive prices. We will also promote our featured individual throughout our social media campaigns.  Contact us or visit our store, tell us how we can help you grow.

Free Framing