Ellie: Featured Chimpanzee Artist of the Day! #apesthatpaint

Ellie was one of the stars in the original CareerBuilder ads that created a media sensation when they were broadcasted during the 2005 Superbowl.  Like many chimpanzees who work in the entertainment industry, Ellie’s career was at an end when she was still only a juvenile.  Though Ellie spent years in the business of making commercials and films, by the age of seven she was becoming too large and strong for her human trainers to handle her safely.  In fact, the human actor in the first CareerBuilder commercials told a story on a late night TV show of how Ellie went after him during the filming of the commercial.

Ellie was born at a tourist attraction (drive-thru safari park) in Oklahoma.  There Ellie was taken away at birth from her mother, spending her infancy with humans and then eventually sold to a California trainer.  She arrived at the sanctuary in Wauchula a few months after that Superbowl ad aired in March 2005.

Ellie is clever and smart…also is an instigator in her group of young friends (Maggie, Bella, Angel, Stryker, and older twin brothers Jacob and Jonah).  She likes to stir things up just for fun.

She is an expert sand-thrower and a dead-on spitter.  She is very capable of using sticks and other tools to draw attention to herself.  She loves puzzles, games, and searching for hidden treats.  She’s very determined and won’t stop until she has the puzzle solved.

Frames USA is hosting a Charity Art show featuring the artwork of the apes at the Center for Great Apes. Opening night is Friday, July 21, 2017, at 6 pm food and drinks provided by Carolina Ale House: RSVP

Come to the show and check out Daisy’s artwork!

RSVP bellow:

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2017 Walk for the Animals

On Saturday March 4th , 2017,  Frames USA took part of the Walk for the Animals event benefiting the Humane Society of Greater Miami area.  There were many different companies who came to support the Humane Society and had some very interesting and fun booths.  There was an obstacle course where pooches chased a mechanical lure, over  obstacles, through tunnels:  great exercise for the pooches and so much fun for everyone watching.

The Humane Society also brought some of the animals they have up for adoption.  Early that morning as I was chatting with several people a different booths, I witnessed one of the members representing Truly Nolan was one of the first people to adopt a beautiful American Bulldog puppy:  This was a wonderful moment for both the pooch and the new owner.  This event was fun and we are proud to be one of the sponsor for such a great and important cause.

There are still many animals at the Humane Society available for adoption.  For more information we encourage you to check out their website at: www.humanesocietymiami.org/

The staff at Frames  want to thank all of the people who attended the event, specially all for those who stopped by our booth and said hello.  We are now in the process of organizing the videos that we took and we will be posting them soon.  Keep an eye out for them.  We also have an amazing deal that every pet lover must take advantage off.  Visit our website to get more details and order.


Frames USA invites everyone to the Walk for the Animals at Bayfront Park

Walk for The Animals

This Saturday March 4th 2017 the  Humane Society of Greater Miami will host their annual  Walk for the Animals event raising money for  all of the animal services that the offer in the Miami area.  The Humane Society is committed to the welfare of all animals and Frames USA has supported their efforts for the past 4 years.

Stop by our booth this Saturday at Bayfront Park, in Downtown Miami;  and sign up to get the fabulous Pet-Promo Special.

Pet-Promo Special



Send us a high definition image of your pet and the promo will include:

  • Enlarging and printing the image on a 16″ X 20 inch canvas.
  • Canvas will be stretched and framed on a black floating frame.
  • Wire and hook
  • Retail Value $189

Visit our website for details.

2016 Walk for the Animals

We were one of the sponsors for this year’s Walk for the Animals benefiting the Greater Miami Humane Society.  The Humane Society relies on contributions to continue rescuing animals from neglect, abuse and abandonment.  Their dedication and love for their job is just not enough, that is why we have committed to sponsor this event.

We want to take this opportunity to send a thank you to all of the other sponsors and all the people that participated in the event.  Also remember that there are hundreds of animals in the local shelters looking for a new home or to be fostered.  Adopt don’t Shop.

For any information on all other events happening at Frames USA & Art gallery visit our website:  http://www.framesusamiami.com/forms—events-1.html