Natsu: Featured Chimpanzee Artist of the Day! #apesthatpaint


Natsu was born December 29, 1998

Natsu arrived in Wauchula in December 2005 after a few years of international travel when she worked at an attraction in Kyoto, Japan. Born in the United States, she was returned to the U.S. when she became too large and dangerous to be handled.

Natsu had very little experience interacting with other chimpanzees before she arrived at the Center, so was first introduced to former entertainment juveniles, Mowgli and Kodua. She immediately loved baby Kodua (age 3), but would often scream every time Mowgli teased her or poked her with play invitations. However, within weeks, Natsu learned to not take Mowgli so seriously, and they became good friends.

Since her arrival at the sanctuary, she also has lived with Angel, Brooks, Daisy, Roger, Mickey… and most recently, the older male Chipper. She and Chipper are very compatible and spend hours each day grooming, playing chase, or just resting together.

Natsu is very energetic and athletic. She likes to carry around old shoes or boots on her back and loves to wrap herself up in butcher paper or burlap bags.  During her overseas work, Natsu acquired a taste for Japanese-style rice and other Japanese foods like seaweed.

Frames USA is hosting a Charity art show featuring the artwork of the apes at the Center for Great Apes.  Due to the success of the opening night, and many requests, we are extending the time that we will be exhibiting the artwork for one more month.  Visit our gallery located at 6822 SW 40th Street, Miami, FL 33155.  We have also made the artwork available online.  Call us for more information:  305-666-3355.  Visit our online store.

Apes that Paint Aftershow Button.png

Come to the show and check out the artwork!  Proceeds of the sale of the art pieces go directly to the Center for Great Apes.

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