Though originally owned by a private family, Angel was sent to a California trainer while she was still an infant.  He trained her to performed in advertisements, TV shows, and personal appearances.  When Angel was nine, her trainer was sued by the Animal Legal Defense Fund.  In the settlement, he agreed to turn her over to the Center for Great Apes, where her mother, Daisy, had been sent a few years earlier by another Hollywood trainer.

When Angel arrived at the Center, she was over 200 lbs — very heavy for a 9-year-old chimpanzee!  Now, thanks to her healthy diet and exercise, she has trimmed down to a normal size.  After being reunited with her birth mother, Daisy, Angel was introduced to other chimpanzees at the sanctuary, all of whom she plays with happily.  At times she has lived with Daisy, Mowgli, Natsu, Brooks, Roger, Mickey,  Chipper, and Grub.  Today, Angel lives in a group with Jonah, Jacob, Maggie, Bella, Ellie, and occasionally, Stryker.

Angel prefers to sleep outside at night, so she usually makes nests with her blankets in the aerial trails.  On the nights that it storms or is very cold, she gathers up her bedding and carries it into her night house bedroom.

She also has the occasional penchant for playing with “girly” things — including hats, scarves, bandanas, bracelets, and barrettes — seems to be a remnant of her days in the Hollywood entertainment business.

To learn more about the Center, to see and buy the artwork made by the Apes at the sanctuary come to the exhibit on Friday, July 21, 2017, starting at 6 PM.  Food and drinks will be provided by Carolina Ale House.  Please RSVP by Tuesday, July 18th, 2017.

Click Bellow To RSVP

Apes that Paint postard front


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