Shout Out to Les Oppenheim from Frames USA

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On Thursday October 8th, we received a gift from heaven… Les Oppenheim, owner of Catering by Les, showed up at out store with our catered lunch.  Even before we knew what was happening, the amazing aroma of warm food hit our senses and the entire workshop came to a stop.  As we helped Les uncover the food our stomachs became very alert and we couldn’t wait to taste the fabulous food.  We unwrapped everything, I took pictures and I knew the rest of the employees were getting restless as they patiently waited.  When we finally sat down with our served portions, a silence blanketed the shop.  That silence was the perfect affirmation that every person at Frames USA was very happy and busy enjoying the wonderful meal.


We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Les Oppenheim for the wonderful food.  We also encourage everyone to allow Les to cater your up coming events.   The holidays are just around the corner, reserve your event now.

You can contact Les:

Phone: 305-669-5221



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