Frames USA & Art Gallery Goes Green!

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Frames USA & Art Gallery celebrated it’s 20th year in business in he Miami area.  Throughout the years we have used wooden picture frame moulding from all over the world including Brazil, France, Indonesia, Africa and more.  As our experience grew so did our environmental awareness.

As a small business, we began looking for ways that we can help the earth recover from the deforestation problem that is having a devastating impact world-wide.  The answer is the simple concept of the “three Rs”” Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.go green, recycle, picture frame, picture framing, picture frames, frame, frames, photo frame

With 2014 in mind, Frames USA & Art Gallery owner Adam Brand gets excited about the new thinking strategy.  “After watching too many Animal Planet shows and doing business for Discovery Channel, buying wood moulding from recycled wood seems like an important contribution to the world.”  The fist step that we took was to search for the right wholesale company that used recycled wood.  The company that we picked was Framerica.   The reason we made this choice was because the company has long been associated with environmentally friendly moulding and Eco-conscious manufacturing.  From the materials that they use, through out the manufacturing process, and even using energy efficient lighting fixtures, which means that the company takes the “green” concept to heart; and this is important to us.  Below is Framerica’s Environmental Statement:

Framerica Environmenta Statement Picture frames

The “green movement” is not a trend, but rather a historical movement based upon increased awareness.  Thanks to the efforts of environmental groups such as Greenpeace and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and world media coverage, the public’s awareness level has risen exponentially in the past couple of decades.  Today there is a conversation about the subject and everyday more people join the movement.

Frames USA is part of this movements.  We do our part: we re-purpose all of the cardboard from packing boxes to create necessary shipping and wrapping products for our customer’s orders.  It helps us reduce productions costs and saves trees.  A new sample wall has been established at our store to showcase recycled mouldings to Frames USA customers.  The picture frame shop encourages our customer’s who are interested in framing art and pictures, to stop by and learn about the recycled wood program.  

It is important to keep the ideas and the movement in the forefront so we develop healthy habits and ideals that we can pass on to future generations.  


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