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Thank you!

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On behalf of Adam Brand and the entire Frames USA Team we would like to send our thanks for all of the photographers that attended the dinner that we held on April 10, 2014.  During the dinner we had the opportunity to share the new programs that we have created for photographers.  In summary the attendees learned about four specific programs that we launched this April:

  • Featured Photographer Page:  The page will contain a photographer’s bio, full contact information and samples of their work.  The page will be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to be found on Google, and other major search engines.  It will also be promoted through social media and other events.  The page will be active for a full week and will contain links to their own website so visitors can connect directly.  This program is absolutely free to participate.
  • Directory Listing:  Frames USA website features a directory page of different vendors and individuals in the Miami area.  The listing is worth $120 per year, but first month is FREE.  The listing includes:
    • Name
    • Contact name
    • Website (link)
    • Email (link)
    • Phone
    • Physical Address
    • Highlights or Specialty
    • Photo or Logo (optional)
  • Spring into the Arts:  Starting May 2014, Frames USA & Art Gallery will be hosting a sidewalk judged photo and art show.  This event is free to participate.  Bring your artwork or photographs, win prizes and have a wonderful time.  The event will be held every Saturday from 1 PM to 5 PM.
  • Gallery Wall Space:  Starting at just $99 artists and photographers can rent the gallery wall space for a period of one month.  Frames USA will promote the exhibit and will hold an opening night.

You can find the events at—forms.html These great events have been launched and we welcome anyone that would like to take advantage of them.  For more information please call 305-666-3355 or email Ginna at


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