Chamber South Expo 2014

On February 20th 2014 the Chamber South hosted an business Expo at the Datran Building in Dadeland.  The evening was full of positive energy.  Frames USA and Art Gallery’s booth was one of the popular spots to stop by.   Frames USA also debut two new team members Ginna Quiroga-Sierra (yours truly) and David Valderrama; both are part of the online marketing team working under our fearless leader Adam Brand. We had two activities going on that were very successful.  1. Many people came to our booth and put their head through our banner and got their photo taken.  It was a fun way of getting to know us (the newbies) to get to know the members of the chamber.

Frames USA also held a raffle:  Miss Sandra Fernandez was our winner.  The prize thatMis Fernandez took home was a custom framed poster of the 2013 Chamber South Art Festival.  When she stopped by our booth, she entered for the raffle and told us: “That is going to be mine.  I am going to be the winner!”  Amazingly she did win:

Each visitor that came through our booth took home a goodie bag full of wonderful coupons and deals for custom framing from us at Frames USA and Art Gallery.  The night was full of winners, laughs and great networking opportunities for all of those who attended.  I also took a walk around the expo floor and was able to visit many booths.  Everyone was very friendly and excited to share their commitment to their work.  I was happy and privileged to meet many people and hope to see them soon at our frame shop.

Here are some of the local business that attended the Expo:


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