Different ways to hang your Picture Frames

There is an art to hanging picture frames. Obviously, you don’t wana mindlessly hang a frame at a random spot on a random wall! (That would be awkward) You need to keep several things in mind. Some of these things include keeping your frames at eye level for maximum viewing pleasure. You might also want to hang your pictures near your furniture, to create a more cozy feel.  Also keep in mind the areas where people tend to traffic through the most like hallways, and where people tend to gather such as living rooms.

Here’s a tip from Larson-Juhl: “When hanging art you can get a good idea of how it will look by cutting out a piece of paper the same size as the outer edge of the frame and taping it to the wall. It is much easier to move the paper around than to change the positioning of the actual frame. On that same paper, you can make marks where you want to place your wall hooks. Then install the hooks over the paper and then tear the paper away.”

Now lets discuss the various ways to hang them!


Single Picture FrameImage

When it comes to hanging a single picture frame, you wana make sure the size of the picture is balanced in comparison to the furniture. You don’t want a huge frame hanging above small furniture or vice versa, we want harmony here. Same goes for the size of the room, a large picture frame may be overwhelming in a small room, and would be better viewed from a distance, such as from the other other side of a larger room. Lastly, you obviously want the frame and the art in it to match and/or compliments the colors of your furniture and decor.




You can hang them side by side or one on top of the other. You want to see how they would look best depending on the length of your wall space. For example, a long wall may look better with frames hung side by side, whereas taller walls may look better with one picture above another. You never want to hang them to close together or to far apart. See the example.


Matched SetsImage

With matched sets, you have several pieces framed identically and you hang them in close proximity and in an organized fashion on the wall. The best way is to hang them in a grid format and are evenly spaced. This arrangement is great for hallways. Also, it looks best when you stick to similar looking images.



Leaning Your Picture FramesImage

Forget hanging them, lean them! this method is great for stuff you want on your dresser and in shelves. You can do it for functional reasons (it’s easy) or for aesthetic reasons (looks cool). That’s up to you to decide. You can also overlap pieces, which adds dimension and interest.




When hanging random collections, you don’t want to hang them in such a structured way as the matching sets. You can have an eclectic mix of  landscape paintings, photography and framed textiles. whatever you want, have fun with this one!





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