Beautiful Display Cases for 3-Dimensional Objects

Sometimes you have an object that you would like to display and conserve, but it is not a 2-D picture or smaller, flatter item that you can place in standard picture frame. It may be a basket ball, a football helmet, your soccer cleats, your favorite cap, a boxing glove, a bowling pin, a baseball bat.. the list goes on and on… And those are just your typical sports memorabilia that the majority like to encase, but be creative! You may have a favorite toy from when you where a child.. don’t keep it in the attic with the spiders! Maybe you want to show off an interesting rock you found hiking in the Ozark trails? Perhaps you spent what seems like an eternity meticulously building a model pirate ship.. and you really wana make sure its not only beautifully displayed, but protected from damage.. These are only a few examples.. like i said… the possibilities are ENDLESS! And boy is it fun! If you really wanted to, you can create your own personal museum.. it can be a sports museum, a nature museum, a family history museum.. you would have one of the most interesting homes in your neighborhood that’s for sure! You name it, we frame it!
















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