Doug Bloodworth Gicless.. Very Yummy Indeed..


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I absolutely love the painting of the candies… We have it on our display wall here at Frames USA and Art Gallery and every time I walk by it I have to stop and stare in awe… The colors are so luminous, the details are impeccable, and overall it’s just mouth watering. You know there is talent behind a painting that evokes a biological response such as hunger. Other than that.. you get a sense of familiarity. Familiarity because we must eat every day, and several times a day for that matter..and.. we are all to familiar with all these big brand names such as Red Bull, Smarties and Hershey… We are all too familiar with rushing to get a quick snack while reading the morning newspaper. At least for me, it gives me a sense of the fast paced life style we adopt here in our country. The food we love is fast, cheap and oh so delicious.. but not particularly healthy for us. We cannot sit down for a meal without simultaneously doing other things at the same time. We are constantly multitasking. So, I find beauty not only in the richness in detail in color of Doug Bloodworth’s work, but in it’s content as well. Its Pop Art at it’s finest, and we are lucky to have such a talented artist living and actively producing art in our day and age. If your Interested in owning one of his limited edition giclees, contact Frames USA and Art Gallery. We are located at 6822 SW 40th street in Miami, Florida 33155. Are direct number is 305-666-3355. There are ONLY 150 of each of these giclees in circulation, hurry!






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