Custom Frames Versus Ready-Made Frames

When it comes to framing, to many people choose to get a ready made frame at their local craft or home goods store. Sometimes, they end up having to cut the image to make it fit, they don’t use proper conservation materials or techniques, and risk their photos or art getting damaged. Often times they frame to the image without any matting.If they do come with matting your stuck with whatever color mat the frame came with. Ready made frames are massed produced and come in standards sizes, so finding one that’s a perfect fit for your piece can be rather difficult. Plus, you are buying a mass-produced item that thousands of other people already have in their homes.. how boring is that!? I guess that could be OK if your framing something that is not particularly important, but if you value your art or photos, custom framing is the way to go. When you Choose custom framing, you get to pick out every individual component of your product. You choose the frame, mat, glass and arrangement.Chances are, nobody has the same exactly framed piece as you. You can even choose acid free mats and conservation grade glass and really preserve your piece for a long time to come. This is especially a smart choice if you plan on passing down your piece through the generations or if its a high value or irreplaceable. As a rule of thumb, a ready-made frame is used when the objects being framed are cut to a standard size and are not precious.



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