Odd, Unusual and Curious Things to Frame at Your Local Miami Picture Frame shop

When you think of picture framing, it is logical to think of it as the framing of pictures. But  there is more to framing than just 2 dimensional objects. Below I will show you examples of uncommon things to frame and why you might want to do so:

ImageHere you see an example we got online of a framed bat. Unfortunately, we do not have a picture of the bat that we framed, but we did that once! Maybe you find some other interesting creature or insect and would like to preserve it, similar to a museum specimen. Its gross for some, totally awesome for others. I used to catch bugs and butterflies as a child and I would frame them using construction paper as a mat board and an empty cassette case as a see-through box frame (yes, strange) Little did I know this can be done professionally. Children love it.



Here’s an example of something that’s becoming more and more popular; framing your plasma. Now, we can’t always do it because it depends on the size, shape and weight of your tv, but it can be discussed. It turns your television into a work of art rather than just another electronic device on your wall. Consider it, it’s cool!



Yet another idea for framing is your grandpa’s treasured military memorabilia. These items often turn into family heirlooms and what better way to preserve it and pass it down through the generations than through keeping it safe and sound in a box frame?



One more example I will show you today is this one of a framed first communion dress. For many, first communion is a very important and spiritual milestone in their child’s life. You dont want the dress to get eaten up by moths or mold, so have it framed! You can have any other special articles of clothing framed, and you can add other elements as well, like the black and white photo included in this image, or anything of your choosing. Its custom framing, so have it your way.


So, we saw some examples of interesting things to frame. There are many more examples,, we’ll keep you posted! If you have any more ideas of things to frame, lets us know. Always remember our motto: You Name it.. We Frame it!!

Frames USA and Art Gallery

6822 SW 40th Street

Miami, Florida 33155



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