Photorealism in Art

When we think of art nowadays, we usually think of painterly brushstrokes, quirky installations, and off the wall performances. Art is not only about technical skills and depiction of royal and religious figures like in the days of Michael Angelo and Rembrandt. Now its more about the concept behind the art and the statement it makes about our society at the moment. For many, including myself, its a little discerning that technical skills are not as highly valued in contemporary art anymore. It is truly amazing and takes a lot of skill to make something appear real and tangible. Luckily, figurative and realistic art is making a slow but sure come back, especially photorealism, the most impressive kind of realistic painting. One of the most notable photorealist is Chuck Close, known for his monumental portraits, and Audrey Flack, Known for her colorful still lifes. But, a more contemporary up and coming artist is Doug Bloodworth. Doug depicts scenes we may remember as kids, at the dinner table reading our favorite marvel comic while munching on our snack of Oreos and milk or Cheetos and soda pop. When you first see them your reaction may be “A photograph of a marvel comic and a mess of potato chips? Big deal!” but then, when you realize they are PAINTINGS you are completely blown away. Come check out our limited edition Doug Bloodworth giclees for yourself right here in your local Miami Frame shop, Frames USA and Art Gallery. 6822 SW 40th street, Miami, Fl 33155. Call us with any questions at 305-666-3355

One of the first photorealist artists:

Chuck Close                                                     Audrey Flack

Image      Image

Below: Doug Bloodworth’s New York Times. Limited Edition collectible Giclees available at Frames USA now!!! This piece is available as well as many more. Check out the previous blog. Visit this website for more info about  Bloodworth at and our website for more and if you’d like to receive daily updates and great deals on framing and art work, like us on Facebook here:



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