A Framed, Inexpensive Poster is a Great Way to Fill an Empty Wall

There are lots of ways for consumers to get posters; one can get them on the internet, art and frame shops, art shows, and even big box merchandise stores. So these posters that range from 4.99 and up can look amazing with the right frame. Stores like Frames USA and Art Gallery can create frame jobs for inexpensive posters. Usually matting, glass and a nice wood frame accompany these posters. Once framed and hung on the consumer’s wall, the empty space becomes alive with a vision. Websites such as Art.com have been running internet specials on free shipping and percentages off. Frame shops such as Frames USA advertising deep discounts have been working in conjunction to give consumers great values.

What is Matting?

Matting on a poster is the border around the image. There are hundreds of colors to choose from, different thicknesses to choose from, and different types of materials to choose from. These Mattes can be cut into any size to fit the poster the consumer has brought in.

What is Dry mounting?

Dry mounting is a process that flattens out the poster so no wrinkles appear. Usually it adheres a poster to a sheet of foam core, making it perfectly straight.

What is glazing?

Glazing is a glass or plastic protecting the artwork. Stores such as Frames USA carry regular glass, conservation glass, Museum glass, and non-glare glass. These type of glazing products should accompany your poster to give a visual image.

How do you choose your frame to match your poster?

Most frame shops carry hundreds of samples of frames. A frame is made out of hard or soft wood, or recycled wood or plastic. Most frame shop employees have been trained to match your poster, your matting, and your glazing to a specific frame.

*Example of a framed poster.


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